descriptionDifference from now to a future time
ownerDafydd Harries
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2012-11-02 Dafydd Harriestake timezone into account *before* checking if time... master
2011-12-31 Dafydd Harriesassume date is tomorrow if no date is specified and...
2011-12-31 Dafydd Harriesrename to avoid conflict with shell builtin
2011-12-29 Dafydd Harriesupdate README
2011-12-29 Dafydd Harriesadd ignore file
2011-12-28 Dafydd Harriesadd cabal file
2011-12-27 Dafydd Harriesadd -s (sleep) and -v (verbose) options
2011-12-27 Dafydd Harriesuse `date' to parse time strings
2011-12-27 Dafydd Harriesfactor out time difference formatting
2011-12-27 Dafydd Harriesqualify imports
2008-12-07 Dafydd Harriesimport
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